Kines-Tech Project

Kines-TechSM is an effective + cost effective corporate wellness program.

Kines-Tech is based on principles of The Alexander Technique*, a proven method over 120 years old that is successfully used by performing artists, athletes and health professionals as a means of employing correct body know how. This educational technique teaches employees to first recognize certain work habits, individual response patterns, and movements that are harmful, and then to reduce or eliminate them.

By reducing stress responses, mal-coordination and over tension, the K-T Program directly involves employees in modifying their own stress response patterns and work habits.

This program offers employees a practical means for addressing their physical, intellectual and emotional well-being in the workplace.

The K-T program is for:

  • People with aches, pains, and injuries
  • Computer Users
  • Anyone motivated toward self-empowered healing

See feedback from past clients including Google, Firemen’s Fund, San Francisco Ballet, Littler Mendelson and Blue Shield.

* An in-depth study recently published by the British Medical Journal found that The Alexander Technique decreased back pain by 85% and that the benefits ‘continued over time’. These amazing results caught the attention of national media worldwide, including The Daily Telegraph of London, Yahoo (where it was the lead story) and even Oprah! See the news page for more information.

Illustration: Randee Ladden

F.M. Alexander