John works with an Alexander Technique student

The Alexander Technique teaches us to recognize and change habits that interfere with our natural ability to freely move and express ourselves.

A session lasts approximately 50 minutes. You may be asked to demonstrate gentle movements; standing, walking, sitting, reaching, bending so misuse habits can be identified. After this, we might go through these movements again, this time with me guiding you through the “hands-on”. This is not to show you how movements should be “done right”, but, by applying the principles of the Alexander Technique, to discover what response habits need to be undone so good “use” can begin to emerge. (We are already connected by nature. It is the way we disconnect that causes a whole array of problems.) You may also be asked to demonstrate specific activities. If your work is as a musician or a programmer say, then you could be asked to play your instrument or mime the action of keying in. Working together we discover the appropriate tension, balance and freedom needed in all activities. Alexander understood what we do to ourselves causes the problems.

Teaching people how to rest and release non-conscious holding tensions is effectively done through “table work”. You lie down on a therapy table (fully clothed) and with my hands guiding you, learn to release specific tensions and collapse patterns, and then energetically direct a new way to what Alexander called “The Use of The Self”. However, this does need to be experienced in order to be understood.

After a session, people often say they feel “connected”, “centered”, “released”. However, the real satisfaction comes from self-empowerment, that is experienced by applying the principles of this work to one’s daily activities.

Wearing your everyday clothing is fine, but people will be more comfortable in loose-fitting trousers. The first session is an opportunity to experience this work for yourself and from that decide if it is for you or not.