Kines-Tech Project
John Baron, Alexander Technique in Sausalito, CA

Kines-Tech was developed by John A. Baron, a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique for over 33 years. He has a creative arts and business background in marketing, publishing, and teaching.

Before coming to the USA in 1992, he lived and worked in Rome, Italy as a postural re-education specialist at a sports / occupational medicine clinic.

John has taught at universities and performing arts colleges both in Europe and the USA and his own course, Tension and Performance, became a credit class at a California State University. He has worked extensively with performing artists who have suffered ‘on the job’ injuries. The experience he gained from over 40,000 hours of hands-on teaching, his understanding of the principles of F.M. Alexander’s remarkable work, and his own business and training background were combined to produce this innovative training program, Kines-Tech.

John is also Co-Director of the Alexander Educational Center in Berkeley, CA, a training school for teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Kines-Tech Trainers
All Trainers have undergone a three-year training (1600 classroom hours) in the Alexander Technique as well as further follow-up training to qualify them as Kines-Tech trainers.

The Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique was developed by F.M. Alexander over 120 years ago, first as a means for overcoming his own crippling tensions and ‘Mis-use,’ and then as a means for addressing this condition in others. Recognizing the importance of his own discovery, Alexander went on to establish his Technique in Australia, London and subsequently in the USA.

The Alexander Technique continues to increase in popularity because it works. Recent research carried out in England has shown it to be the “most effective self-care method for chronic pain management.” The Alexander Technique teaches how to regain the use of the whole self and to correct habits of ‘Mis-use’ that interfere with health, free movement, and general well being.

F.M. Alexander