FM Alexander Memorial Lecture

John’s address to the American Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, Los Angeles, 2014.

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John interviewed on TV Show The Art of Conscious Living

Listen to Interviews with John Baron on KEST Radio

A week-long interview series where Len Saputo MD of the Health Medicine Forum interviews John about the Technique. Listen here or download MP3s (Right-click or ctrl-click download link and choose Save Target As, Save Link As or Download Linked File.

PART I (12:17 minutes) Download MP3

PART II (12:39 minutes) Download MP3

PART III (12:41 minutes) Download MP3

PART IV (12:31 minutes) Download MP3

PART V (12:23 minutes) Download MP3

Check out John Baron on Google Tech Talk:

October 14, 2008. Personal Growth Series: The Alexander Technique.
A 45 min video presentation to Google employees posted on You Tube.

Marin IJ Article:

“Technique to loosen up actors helps correct bad body habits”