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googlepicKines-Tech Training Program
Helping employees avoid “overuse injury” by teaching them how to use the body correctly at the workstation. The Kines-Tech Program is now part of the Google University program for Google employees.

San Francisco Ballet and San Francisco Opera:

For over 20 years John has worked onsite for the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, giving classes and individual sessions to musicians of this Grammy award winning orchestra. Working with musicians has been a central focus of John’s work since his earlier days of teaching in Rome, Italy, where many of his pupils were members of major orchestras there. In October 2012, John began to also present workshops and classes to the world renown orchestra of the San Francisco Opera. Musicians will oftentimes bring their instruments along to these sessions so they can be helped to play with the appropriate amount of tension, balance and freedom of movement and expression.

Past Workshops:


eshouse-sizedActing Lab for Life:
A creative, in-depth exploration of “The Alexander Technique.”

Workshop Leader – JOHN A BARON, AmSAT

What can an actor’s process offer the rest of us? It’s the ability to not be locked into clichéd habits that enables an actor to embody, with originality and power, a range of characters. It is the same ability that allows us to break free from the stuck places in our own lives. By working to undo our fixed responses, we invite a more genuine expression of the self to appear.

In this entertaining course – designed for non-actors and actors alike – we’ll explore the principles developed by FM Alexander (an actor by profession) and apply them to daily activities from the routine to the creative then on to performance. You will experience how this approach has applications on many levels, from the practical to the profound.
Artistic experience / talent is completely unnecessary for this workshop. Poems, scene studies etc., will be used as a means to access perception and deepen self-understanding.

Esalen Institute, founded in 1962, has long been recognized as a world leader in alternative and experimental education. The institute is dedicated to exploring work in the humanities and sciences that furthers the full realization of the human potential. Dramatically situated on the Big Sur cliffs, Esalen is equally renowned for its transformational seminars and trainings, and its nautural healing hot springs.

John is part of the teaching staff at the Malibu workshop.

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