I initially sought out John Baron to address recurrent voice strain related to public speaking. Remarkably, in addition to resolving my vocal issues, the increased kinesthetic awareness arising from my work with John completely transformed my presentation style, allowing me to bring voice and movement into far greater harmony. I highly recommend John as a coach for actors, professional voice users, and public speakers.

— Scott D. Sampson, Ph.D. Host, PBS Dinosaur Train (syndicated in 175 countries) Vice President of Research and Collections, Denver Museum of Nature & Science


“John Baron saved my career in radio. When I first began my 3 hour weekend show on KGO I developed laryngitis and a sore throat. After my voice problems became so severe that there were times when I felt I could barely finish a show, I consulted with a number of doctors who told me there was nothing wrong with my vocal chords, but they also told me there was nothing they could do for the vocal strain. A friend suggested I contact John Baron. She was a singer who had worked with him and found his methods extremely beneficial. John was able to quickly assess my problem and immediately began teaching me. The relief from the vocal strain was almost immediate; however, because of the many other benefits I received — increased vocal range, better posture etc – I continued working with him. John didn’t just solve my voice problems, he made me a better performer.”

Len Tillem. Radio Lawyer KGO