Google Inc.

“John is an outstanding practitioner, instructor, and healer on many levels. First, it is obvious that he is a greatly skilled expert in his field. He doesn’t just know the theory inside out, he is also very skillful at applying his knowledge. Second, he has a keen eye (and feel) for how people are “misusing” their bodies and how to remedy it. John is also a great teacher and very flexible at adapting his teaching to the audience at the level that they would understand. In addition to all his strengths, he interacts very gently with people and puts them at ease. He is patient and skillful at explaining things to people.

Unsurprisingly, he is very popular with many Google employees.”

–Chade Meng Tan, Google University

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The Sundance Institute
(letter to John A Baron from Philip Himberg).

“… I hope you understand how deeply you impacted the artistic life of our community and how highly your skills and talents were appreciated .… Your particular way with the actors, your ability to “see” them, to give them support and to work differently and individually with each member of our company was so appreciated…”

–Philip Himberg, Artistic Director, Sundance Institute

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“John Baron has a deep insight into the process by which movements are controlled and acquired. More importantly, he skillfully uses that insight to help individuals discover more adaptive and efficient ways of performing tasks that range from the mundane activities of daily living to the astonishing feats of the elite performer.”

— Dr. David Anderson, Chair, Department of Kinesiology. San Francisco State University