Kines-Tech Project

The K-T program is a win-win situation
Companies benefit by reduced insurance costs / employee good will; employees benefit by having an effective self care program that can be applied at home as well as at work. Costs can be shared by employees in the second and / or third phases of the program. See The Program page for more details.

The K-T program helps:

  • People with aches, pains and injuries
  • Computer users
  • Anyone motivated toward self-empowered healing

The K-T program has helped in dealng with and preventing:

  • Neck and back discomfort
  • Lack of vitality
  • Vocal challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Breathing issues
  • Balance issues
  • Coordination
  • Overuse injury / repetitive motion injury
  • Performance anxiety

“Both the Alexander Technique and Ergonomics are, at their core, about systems thinking.” –Joyce Stenstrom, Ergonomist for the Mayo Clinic.

F.M. Alexander