Kines-Tech Project

The Kines-Tech program brings the benefits of The Alexander Technique to corporate wellness
Raised shoulders when typing, the crossing of legs, clenching of muscles due to tension and stress are just some examples of what we call poor ‘use’. Poor ‘use’ affects the way we function both in the workplace and elsewhere and is one of the primary causes or aggravating factors of pain and discomfort. Conversely, correct ‘use’ implies freedom and lightness of movement in all areas of activity and a sense of comfort and ease within oneself.

In the Kines-Tech program, we start to identify and eliminate individual response patterns to stress (oftentimes non-conscious). As ‘over-use’ is observable in all daily activity, trainees may be asked to perform simple actions: stand and sit, walk, give examples of responses to stress, demonstrate resting, recreate their ‘use’ at the workstation, and, as postural changes need to be addressed kinesthetically, be guided hands-on through certain movements or tension releases.

Portrait / Quirk Analysis
This training is able to screen for possible root causes of ‘Overuse Injury’ through the ‘Portrait/Quirk Analysis’ procedure. A ‘Portrait/Quirk Analysis’ identifies specific areas of an individual’s ‘over-use’ and is conducted during the initial training and then presented to each participant afterward. This serves as a record of ‘over-use’ habits that a participant can then continue to work with by applying the principles learned in the training. This information is not shared with the employer.

Education Versus Cure

Kines-Tech offers three phases to its program.

  • A three-hour workshop for 12 to 18 employees conducted on-site.
  • Two 45 minute follow-up sessions for two employees at a time, also conducted on-site.
  • Individual 1/2 hour sessions for select employees (K-T suggests employees pay some or all of this cost).

Three-Hour Workshop Content

  • Identifying postural Mis-use
  • How to ‘break’ habits–before new habits are learned, old habits need to be stopped
  • Learning anew–why ‘sit up straight’ doesn’t work
  • Sensory feedback–is it reliable?
  • New movement patterns–reorganizing posture and movement
  • Responding differently
  • Re-learning movement
  • How to rest efficiently
  • The Body and the Workstation
  • How to use ergonomic furniture
  • Review

Paired Sessions

  • Further study of individual ‘Mis-use’ patterns
  • Ergonomic changes
  • Hands-on re-education in movement and in rest
  • Making specific kinesthetic changes

Individual Session/s

Only for employees needing additional individual attention. Criteria for determining this additional help to be determined by the client company beforehand.

Follow-up training is provided only when necessary.

Kines-Tech is committed to adapting its program to the needs of client companies.

F.M. Alexander