John A. Baron

A professional actor in England for over 10 years playing leading roles in professional theatre and in film, TV.  John studied with some of Europe’s finest voice teachers, including Kate Fleming, Voice Director of the National Theatre. His primary teacher was Florence Norberg (voice teacher to Sir Laurence Olivier, Vanessa Redgrave and also Kiri Te Kanawa). He was awarded a scholarship by the Arts Council of Great Britain to study with Ms. Norberg.

John presents a non-cookie cutter approach to address individual challenges to developing effective physical, vocal, and communication skills for lawyers, performing arts professionals, businessmen/women and public speakers.

All great stage actors have to study voice, movement, and develop technique. Most will also have had great teachers and directors to help with interpretation. Perhaps even individual help with challenges other than the technical: stage fright, shyness, ease of movement, etc. When the stage and film actor Antony Hopkins was asked in his late 30’s by a puzzled interviewer; “Where have you been all this time?” His reply was; “I’ve been learning my craft.” Hopkins was a seasoned stage actor by then – via movement study, vocal training, and on-the-boards experience.

To be a Public Speaking Coach it is not enough to have had minimal stage/public speaking experience; it is not enough to have picked up a few tips on vocal pedagogy; or simply say to a client “make these physical or vocal changes;” or “I deal with performance tension;” or even “release your authentic Self.” And offer this in tones of hyped-up energy. But that is exactly what many companies/individuals currently offering this service are saying and presenting. What is needed here is the experience that addresses the technical and personal challenges that can arise for students of public speaking, and to actually address them individually and thoroughly. (We will not maintain a connection to our audience by simply presenting them with an “enthusiastic and newly freed self”.)

Public Speaking and Effective Communication

Combining his Alexander work with his voice work which addresses specific vocal misuse and includes the freeing of the jaw, optimizing of the breathing function, undoing of specific tension in the muscles of the neck, face and mouth, developing tone, sound and clarity, articulation exercises and vocal placement, (if and when needed). John offers a unique approach to vocal problems. For the past several years John has taught his class “Exploring the Instrument” for VOICETRAX, the leading voice actors training company in Northern California.

John receives referrals from speech therapists, MD’s, and teachers of voice to work with many challenging vocal conditions including people who stutter, spasmodic dysphonia and general conditions of vocal strain. He has worked with many professional voice users, from actors and singers to lawyers, clergymen and women, and radio and tv personalities.

John has the background and experience for turning you into the credible professional speaker you wish to become!

More recently, John has developed, for people in business wishing to communicate and present more effectively.